About Our Company

Enduthermwe have been responding to customer needs in the industry and sub-industry sector for 25 years with industrial furnaces that we manufacture using quality materials and latest technology.

Our company, which aims to fully meet customer demands and to constantly renew itself, has become a preferred organization in its sector with its products.

Our Company History

In 1999, it started to produce zamak melting furnaces under the name of Çakır Metal. started. Its activities include aluminum smelting, heat treatment and laboratory ovens.

ENDUTHERM Limited Company with title change in 2003 has continued its activities.

Kurtköy to increase production capacity since 2005 It continued its activities by moving to the industrial zone.

Robot automation in the aluminum casting industry in 2012 technology has started its activities, aluminum casting, mold continues to produce lubrication and part removal robots.


our vision

Our biggest principle; to produce solutions in accordance with the vision of the customer, to establish healthy, honest and fast communication with the customer. Because we do not consider our relationships with our customers in the short term. We know that they know how reassuring it is to work with us when they need it. They know that we always think of the best for them.


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